Green Chili with Shallot Sambal


Hello again blog! It has been too long. Here is one to add to the list of favorites: Sambal Ijo, green chili sambal, my mom’s recipe. The spicy condiment is a perfect company for poultry, seafood, or meat dishes that are served with rice.

Green Chili Sambal - A spicy condiment

With peppers growing in the garden, I have plenty of supply to make the condiment. Here is how I did it:


* 5 cayenne (or hot fingers or jalapeno or serrano peppers)

* 2 shallots

* a dash of salt

* 2 tablespoon of canola oil

My method:

* Heat up a frying pan (medium heat)

* Chop peppers and shallots

* Add oil to the pan and cook the peppers and shallots until they wilt, add salt. Set aside to cool down

* Once it is cool, I make it into a rough puree using a food processor.

* Serve with the main dishes