Long live the chili peppers!

Nutritional Tips

Love it when I stumble across good news – especially about things that I like to eat, drink, or do. Saw this piece on the health benefit of chili peppers from Epicurious.com. And I quote: “The compound responsible here might be capsaicin, the very thing that makes peppers spicy—it might guard against heart disease and obesity, and it has antimicrobial properties that might aid gut health.” Read the whole article here: Chili Peppers Might Help You Live Longer.

Red_Peppers By http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope via Wikimedia Commons

Like Them: Canned Sardines

Nutritional Tips

Aha! I never knew that these little babies were loaded with benefits!

Check out what WSJ and Livestrong wrote about them:

Tin Tin! Cheers to Canned Sardines  – The Wall Street Journal

What Are The Benefits of Canned Sardines? – Livestrong.com