Me, the slow eater

How Fast Do You Eat?

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The slow eater at Vincent, Chicago, IL New Year's Eve 2010

A great read from The New York Times on slowing down to savor every taste and bite:

Mindful Eating as Food For Thought –

Maybe now I won’t have to feel so bad about being a slow eater 🙂

Eggplant Inspiration

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An eggplant inspiration from a fellow blogger at Simple Speedy Snack. The combination sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try! -Harini-

Simple Speedy Snacks

These little aubergine pizza slices give you the taste of pizza without the dough! If you like pizza and you like (eggplant) aubergines, then give this a try! It is a simple gluten-free snack and is something different to serve at a party.


One aubergine

One tin of chopped tomatoes

One tablespoon of honey or sugar (to add to the tomatoes)


Fresh basil leaves, torn (I did not have any basil today, but when I have it, I always add it to the slices at the end).

Cheddar (optional)

Garlic granules (optional)

 How to make aubergine pizza slices:

Cut the aubergine into slices. Drizzle a little olive oil over the slices and place them in the oven at 200C for 20-30 minutes.

Towards the last five minutes, empty a tin of chopped tomatoes into a small pot. Stir in some honey or sugar and simmer at a low heat.

When the aubergines look…

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What’s Your Food Philosophy?

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Lindsay, a good friend of mine, launched her blog this fall. A big portion of her site is dedicated to talk about food philosophy. The exploration angle makes the food conversation far more interesting and informative but never snobbish. The author realizes that everyone has their own philosophy in life that might influence their attitudes on food.

In the past, my conversations with Lindsay revolved around branding, marketing, organizational behavior, and projects. From our working collaboration we also found out that we had plenty of topics of interest in common ranging from social issues, cultures, music, pop culture, books, Seth Godin, and later on we found out…cooking! In short, my conversations with Lindsay are never boring and I am delighted to have found an interest buddy.

I am happy to invite you to visit and say hi to Lindsay at The Philosopher’s Inn. Like her point of view on cooking, I also believe that there’s so much more to it than just the act of preparing food and eating it. There’s adventure, fun, and a story. More importantly, there’s an opportunity to stay present and aware.