About the Writer


I started cooking in college out of necessity. The options were eating out or eating dorm food—they got old quickly. Growing up in Indonesia, my mom would make sure that our family eat home-cooked meal almost everyday. I remembered the different dishes of vegetables, meat, poultry, or seafood presented on the dining table.  It was not so atypical to have two to three dishes, served with hot jasmine rice, at dinner at home. So I tried to imitate the dishes I grew up with. There were a lot of trials, errors, and frustrations in the beginning. Similar to many other skills development, putting in hours of practice did help. More than a decade later, I found myself a passion: cooking.

My family comes from areas in Indonesia that are very popular for their extremely spicy and bold-flavor cooking. It is no wonder that I also gravitate toward fiery and full-flavored cuisines. One thing for sure, we use lots of chili peppers! Hence the name of the blog.

The Present

Though my cooking is deeply influenced by the culture I come from, I keep a broad horizon when it comes to food (food, cooking, and many other things in life for that matter). I relish the adventure of trying tasty cuisines from many different places. It is so exciting to learn about new things and to discover different kinds of deliciousness.

I am using this blog as a journal to keep my favorite recipes along with their stories together. My husband and I also think that we can use this journal as our own menu “database”. So whenever we are running out of cooking ideas we can search the blog for inspirations.

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to say hi or leave a comment.

Tiny Chili Pepper

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