Eating Out in Indonesia

Culinary travel

I had just returned from paradise. A tropical and food paradise. Hence the long pause in my food blogging activity. Jeff and I flew back to our homeland, Indonesia, this past December. I took a break from cooking for about three weeks and we ate out almost every single day. In those days we didn’t eat out, our parents and relatives sent food for us! Our families spoiled us with both home-cooked and street food. Ah…the beauty of returning home.

What else can I tell you here about our culinary travel while visiting our families? Ooo yeah, seafood! The plentiful, never ending seafood! Tons of different kinds. The place is heaven for serious seafood enthusiasts such as yours truly.

In this first blog entry in 2013, I wanted to display a few original dishes from the motherland. Since most of my cooking is heavily influenced by Indonesian taste, especially East Javanese and West Sumatran, I thought I’d share images of the real deal, our favorites, and some street food. They will also serve as my cooking inspiration later on.

Eaters discretion is advised

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