Olive Oil Herb Dip for the Bread

Appetizer, Dip

Love dipping bread into olive oil? Here’s my latest obsession with dipping sauce. Inspired by my friends Leena and Spas’ chili pepper marinade and motivated by the urge to use up all of my planted herbs and peppers, I have made this condiment a must-have at home.

Back in August, at the dune house we rented for a weekend, the couple made this wonderful chili peppers marinade. They grilled a few Serrano peppers, wrapped them in an aluminum foil (so that the charred skin can be easily removed), and then mixed the peppers with chopped garlic, lots of fresh dill, extra virgin olive oil, and white wine vinegar. An overnight marinating process brought out and blended all flavors very well.

Since I wanted to use up the herbs that I had, I came up with a slightly different version of the dip. My mix contained: fresh thyme, fresh mint, chopped garlic, grilled (or roasted) cayenne peppers, extra virgin olive oil, apple vinegar, salt, and black pepper. So fragrant and inviting. The cayenne peppers really gave a nice punch! Great with warm baguette or pita bread.

(Note: Fresh chives, mint, and garlic combination make a fantastic olive oil herb too.)

Hope you like it!

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