Spicy Beef with Mint

Beef Recipes

I purchased two cookbooks this month to broaden my cooking horizon. My need for food inspirations is currently being met by Weeknights with Giada: Quick and Simple Recipes to Revamp Dinner and Giada at Home: Family Recipe from Italy and California. I simply love Giada‘s passion for food that transpires through her cooking style and quality. Though rooted in her Italian heritage, Giada’s recipes don’t shy away from being eclectic.

For Monday night dinner, I made Spicy Beef with Mint (also on Weeknights with Giada, pg. 159). This one-pot and Thai-influenced meal was so flavorful and easy to make. The sweet soy sauce, bell peppers, and shallots infused the tender thin slices of beef sirloin with sweetness. Then, the fish sauce, soy sauce, mint and basil leaves made this dish to be pleasantly tangy and aromatic. For an extra kick, Thai peppers and sriracha sauce did a good job in integrating successfully with the rest of the flavors. What an impressive flavor combination and balance!

I followed the ingredient list and steps from the original recipe. A few notes:

  • The recipe on the cookbook calls for sirloin steak (instead of flank as stated on this online recipe). I sliced the sirloin steak into ¼ inch cuts.
  • I used two bell peppers instead of one. One in red and one in yellow to create a nice color combination.
  • I also had some leftover asparagus in the fridge. So I sliced them up (threw out the very bottom white section) and added them into the pot with the basil and mint toward the end of cook time.
  • I happened to have these white basil leaves in the fridge. So that’s what I used instead of the Thai basil.
  • Best served with rice

Serve 4-6 people

Click here to see original recipe: Spicy Beef with Mint 

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