Special Braised Short Ribs Dinner – Going Gourmet at Home

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I watch Food Network religiously. There, I admit it. Jeff says the TV seems to default to the channel whenever he turns it on. The truth is I get a lot of my cooking inspirations, and learn tons of recipes, from some of the shows. Jeff and I love eating out but we also relish delicious home-cooked meals. Since we cook a lot, I try to add more to our recipes repertoire. So watching cooking shows helps the effort.

Growing up with Indonesian cooking has definitely developed my palate preference. It also has given me the ability to create an extensive menu of the cuisine. However, blessed and cursed with curiosity I tend to want, seek, and learn more. I’ve developed a definite fondness for trying on varieties of tastes and recipes along the way. Thanks to the plethora of recipe sources online and on TV, I’ve also been able to go gourmet without breaking the bank!

My most recent successful gourmet trial came from chef Anne Burrell’s recipe: Braised Short Ribs served with celery root and potato puree and salad (next blog posts). (I followed the short ribs recipe with one tweak: I did not have thyme at the time, so I went without.) Though the recipe calls for a three-hour cooking time I plan to do repeats in the future. Once cooked, the meat becomes so tender and soft that it struggles to stick to the bone. The aroma and taste of celery sticks and carrots mixed with tomato paste and red wine blends perfectly with the beef. A very rich taste—just how I like my food to be.  I recommend the recipe for a special dinner with loved ones. Another great addition to my winter menu collection.

Side dishes:

Celery Root and Potato Puree

Radicchio, Arugula, and Heart of Palm Salad

For complete recipes view the source of my inspiration:

The Secret to Short Ribs : Secret of a Restaurant Chef : Food Network

4 thoughts on “Special Braised Short Ribs Dinner – Going Gourmet at Home

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  2. I read your post and realized I had used the same recipe for short ribs as a special date night dinner early this month! I didn’t try the sides – maybe next time. It’s true, the ribs were so wonderfully tender! Even though I used boneless, they still turned out great. Next time I will have to experiment more with the sauce since wine-based sauces aren’t my boyfriend’s favorite, but the tenderness alone made the dinner feel decadent.

  3. Cool! They are incredibly good indeed. Let me know how you end up tweaking the sauce next time you make this dish again.

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