What’s Your Food Philosophy?

Blog Referral

Lindsay, a good friend of mine, launched her blog this fall. A big portion of her site is dedicated to talk about food philosophy. The exploration angle makes the food conversation far more interesting and informative but never snobbish. The author realizes that everyone has their own philosophy in life that might influence their attitudes on food.

In the past, my conversations with Lindsay revolved around branding, marketing, organizational behavior, and projects. From our working collaboration we also found out that we had plenty of topics of interest in common ranging from social issues, cultures, music, pop culture, books, Seth Godin, and later on we found out…cooking! In short, my conversations with Lindsay are never boring and I am delighted to have found an interest buddy.

I am happy to invite you to visit and say hi to Lindsay at The Philosopher’s Inn. Like her point of view on cooking, I also believe that there’s so much more to it than just the act of preparing food and eating it. There’s adventure, fun, and a story. More importantly, there’s an opportunity to stay present and aware.


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