Sharp Cheddar Baked Banana

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I think most people may have strong preferences over what food to eat. They may also have some reluctance to eat certain things. For an example, a good friend of mine is not crazy about cooked onion at all. But as long as it is finely mashed with the dish, she’d be fine. Another good friend is perfectly happy not eating eggs, especially hard-boiled eggs, while one other friend is content with not eating tomatoes. In my case, I love to eat done-up bananas, but not the plain fruit. Weird, right? I see all these disinclination toward certain food as one of many commonalities my friends and I share.

One of the street food I love back home in Indonesia is Fried Banana (pisang goreng). What these street vendors do with the bananas is basically cut them up into two or four pieces, dip them in a batter made of all-purpose flour, sugar, and egg, and then…deep-fry them. It is insanely good!  I’ve made fried bananas many times and though they’re really good, I wanted to try something else.

So here’s a very simple and good baked banana recipe that I made:

  • Cut four ripe bananas in the middle and halve lengthwise. I usually try to get bananas that still have a little green color on the end of the peel. They tend to be firmer and don’t get too soft after being cooked
  • Preheat the oven to 400 F
  • Place the sliced bananas on an oven dish and bake for 12 minutes
  • Add shredded sharp cheddar on the sliced bananas right after taking them out of the oven
  • Return to bake for another one minute until the cheese is melted

My husband, Jeff, says that the contrasting tastes of the sweet banana and the savory cheddar work so well together. I think this might be our favorite dessert (or even breakfast) yet!

(For JN, thanks for the inspiration)

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